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Saturday, November 19, 2011

••◊ 500 days of Hope and JJ

I spent last weekend with my favorite red head, Hope, and her partner in crime, JJ.  Clarence and I drove up to Holly-weird for Hope's art direction of a commercial catalog shoot.  Her instructions for inspiration included American Apparel, A&F, and JCPenney.  I never, ever, ever, expected to be told that I should be inspired by the advertising work of JCPenney, never mind A&F's teenage semi-pr0n.  Guess there's a first time for everything.

We piled the girls, along with a mountain of photographic technology into the back of Clarence's car and after a quick stop at Astro Burger we headed for a downtown Los Angeles park.  As a side note, Astro Burger has a surprisingly good chicken salad, at least by fast food standards.  So what's significant about the park where we photographed?  Part of the movie "500 Days of Summer" was shot there.

The trees were in fall bloom with pink blossoms, which made for a perfect backdrop for Hope with her blue dress and lovely red hair.  The blue background of reflective skyscraper windows also helped bring the picture together.  It had rained the previous day, so the air was smog-free (yeah!) and the sky was pure blue. 

Both Hope and JJ were quite adept at changing clothes in the middle of the park without a Janet Jackson style "wardrobe malfunction."  The peace officer was positioned just a few feet away.  The question is, what would he do if there was a "malfunction"...TMZ or ticket?  This is LA!

Just to break up the work, every once in a while Hope would call out a "dino break" or a "dance break."  I believe the second picture below represent a dino break since Was Not Was's "Walk the Dinosaur" came out around 1988, likely before either one of them was born!

Then there was our "delicate flower," JJ.  Four words... those steel blue eyes.  Something like a much, much younger version of Patricia Wettig.

After dinner we went back to home base and I did a few head shots with JJ.  I've been wanting to try glitter make up on a model for a while, so this was a good opportunity.   Since JJ was, until recently, a nomad following touring music acts she had a whole arsenal of glittery stuff to experiment with.  Clarence took Hope in the room next door and did some emo pin-up shots with her.

The drive home included an 11pm stop at AM/PM for Clarence to pick up a bag of pork rinds and two Rockstar energy drinks.  He's training for some type of intestinal fortitude Olympic event or something.  ...maybe Nathan's World Famous hot dog eating contest in a few years.

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