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Sunday, October 30, 2011

••◊ How to use and upload Canon picture styles

While I finish up more artistic work, this week's blog post is going to be a technical tutorial on how to use Canon custom picture styles.  Sometimes I refer to them as picture profiles, so you'll just have to forgive me if I slip up and call them that from time to time.  In previous posts I discussed how to use the Canon Picture Style Editor software and Canon provides instructions on the web as well.

Essentially there are two ways to use a picture style file (.pf2).  The first is to upload it to your camera via the EOS Utility.  When you plug your camera into the computer it will likely ask if you want to run the EOS utility, which is where you want to go.  Click on the "Camera settings/Remote shooting" link in the EOS Utility.

When the "camera icon" tab is selected you should see a link called "Register User Defined style."  Click on that.

A dialog box will pop up that allows you to upload up to three user defined styles.  When you select the button with the file folder icon the normal file explorer will come up and you should be able to search for the desired .pf2 file.  In this case you can see that I chose a picture style aligned to the DSC Camalign chart.  Click on OK and the file will be uploaded to your camera.

The way a picture style is selected with each camera menu and button layout is a little different, but should be obvious to any user advanced enough to be playing with customized picture styles.  If nothing else I highly recommend to RTFM refer to the manual.  When you select the user defined picture style in the camera the picture style is embedded into each raw (.CR2) file and JPEG processing will use the picture style.  It also works with movie mode.

The second method only works if you take your pictures in raw format.  After uploading the pictures from the camera to your computer you can use the custom picture style in Canon's Digital Photo Professional software.  On the tool palette just click on the "Browse" button in the "Picture Style" category.  The file explorer will pop up and you can select your custom picture style.  I personally think it's better to have the custom picture style in the camera because when I process hundreds of photos from a day of shooting I don't want to have to repetitively do this operation.

This was a good and much needed distraction from my current photo and video work. So feel free to distract me and ask questions if you need more info.


subhendra said...

HI Thanks for the post. I hope you can help me out on this one. I have been using the technicolor cinestyle profile for video and recently i took some picture as well and wanted to edit them in lightroom/photoshop and they end in different colors (not the way it was shot) I found out that its something to do with the picture profiles that lightroom and photoshop have. Is there anyway I can edit the picture from how it was originally shot using lightroom, photoshop or a canon utilty. Thanks in advance

S. Allman said...

Subendra -

Use Canon's Digital Photo Professional software to convert the RAW's (assuming you shot in RAW). That will allow you to assign any picture style after the fact. The drop down box next to the red circle in the last photo shows where to assign the picture style. DPP also has a "Tools->Transfer to Photoshop" feature. DPP is actually a really nice program and my primary raw conversion utility.

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