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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

••◊ Yoga for 9/11

Saturday September 10th I was supposed to only be filming until midnight...then the 3rd camera guy decided not to come...then the other shooter's camera failed.  Needless to say, I was up until 3am on Sunday 9/11, which wasn't a good thing because I had a 9/11 event to shoot on Sunday morning and an 8am call time, which meant 3 hours of sleep max.  Augh!  Such is the life of photography.

My co-worker Alice organized the event to combine her passion for yoga with a charitable benefit for injured firefighters and their families - a most worthy cause.  The best word to describe Alice is "enthusiastic."  Quite often I'll be sitting in the confinement of my cubicle catching up on morning email and suddenly there will be a "la, la-la, la-la" followed by the sound of someone skipping down the aisle.  Alice will stop for a second just to say "I'm so happy," then keep going.  Denis Leary has made a whole career being the antithesis of Alice.

In the photo above I asked the group of firefighters, "OK, which one of you is the calendar guy?"  Three of the firefighters pointed in the same direction giving up their buddy without hesitation, so I had him "rescue" Alice.  I'm sure there's a back story there somewhere.

The firefighters also let us go over to the fire truck and take a few photos with the instructors.  When they asked if someone wanted to try the gear on I "volunteered" (pushed) Heather forward because she was nearest to my only free hand.  She gave me a look, like "what the heck?", but gave into my volunteer gesture anyway.  Good sport.

The firefighters also brought along a probee (not pictured) and had him hand out little firefighter teddy bears to the kids at the event...and yes, she kept up with mom just fine when it came time to get her yoga on.

I had to get a sponsor shot (Lulu Lemon) with the yoga instructors (a.k.a. the tag team drill sergeants).  Top to bottom, left to right; Katie, Julie, Alice, Melissa, and Heather.  These ladies went to work and made everyone build up a sweat, including me trying to keep up with the changing poses for two hours while holding a seven pound camera.  Did I mention the 3 hours of sleep?

One thing I quickly learned about photographing yoga is that you have to be very careful with composition.  The women tend to wear low cut tops and tight pants, so there are limited angles where you can maintain decency (I guess that's the most subtle way to put it).  There were even more photos where I was obviously paying attention to the foreground subject (no issue), however someone in the background was positioned in a "morally questionable" way, so those photos had to be deleted.  Group yoga shots are difficult.  Yoga-ing shots below...

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