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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

••◊ It's a 48 Hour Mad, Mad, Mad World

This last weekend was the madness that represents the 48 hour film project contest in San Diego.  You get a genre, line of dialog, character name, and prop at 7pm on Friday and have to turn in a fully finished film by 7:30pm on Sunday.  The clock picture shows how close we were cutting it and this isn't even the time the director left with the film!  Last year there was talk of the delivery vehicle hitting 115mph down I-163 at 7pm while the computer was still rendering out the video!  Talk about extreme editing.  Now there's an idea to pitch to Jerry Bruckheimer for a new reality show.

My friend David, also an actor in our film, was down from LA and suggested that we visit the NAS production studio out of curiosity on Sunday just as they were wrapping up work.  Let me tell you, immediately upon entering the place smelled like a World of Warcraft LAN party.  People hadn't showered in two days and soda pop was spread around every table.  You can see 1/3rd of our CG render farm in the far right of the picture.  The final edit was still going on in the office just adjacent to this picture.  We even had to re-record some foley in the kitchenette around the corner just 20 minutes before they left.

I managed to capture the final hand off.  The flash drive Sony provided to the 48 hour teams was too slow to copy the video on time and deliver it, so they copied it onto a portable hard drive, then copied from the portable hard drive to the flash drive while in transit to the film drop off event.  Yes, we cut it this close.  The director was somewhat delirious from the last two days of hard work in production (can't blame him one bit), so he had to be driven to the event.

Another team I know had their drop off person running from the car to the drop off point in the last two minutes before the deadline and managed to bang up her shin on the concrete during a brief fall.  She'll heal, but more importantly the film arrived on time!  Ahhhhh, the glory.  Only 48 of the 66 teams turned their film in on time according to the event organizer.

Here's a brief screen capture of the last scene I filmed on Saturday just before midnight.  The lighting is four bare bulbs just behind the furnace in the middle of the picture, a soft box coming down the corridor on the right and a small front fill from the camera position.  The lighting was inspired by Star Wars, with its depiction of characters in industrial settings.  That's all I can give you.  To see more you have to come to premiere night August 17th and see it on the big screen.  *I* don't even know what the film looks like, but when you see the sausage being made you don't necessarily want to eat it right away.  I acted as DP for a large part of the filming and while in a rush the director took Clarence and used him as a second unit DP for scenes I haven't seen yet.

Speaking of Clarence, he made a behind-the-scenes picture montage video from our two days of production.  Yeah, that's me chowing down a sandwich in the background.  Enjoy!

UPDATE: Just added overnight - a trailer for the film.  I was wonder how long a trailer for a 5.5 minute film would be.  Answer - 15 seconds.

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