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Thursday, August 18, 2011

••◊ 48 Hours - It's a Wrap

Last night was the screening of our 48 hour film "Box."  They had a red carpet, photographers, videographers; essentially an excuse to play dress up.  I mean, I knew I was going to be standing next to three incredibly beautiful women most of the night (many thanks to Clarence) and I didn't want to feel wholly inadequate in their presence - so I played dress up too.

It's a nervous rush to the pleasure center of the brain any time your film is shown in front of an audience on the big screen.  I guess that's what brings back directors for more self-abuse, ...the big screen crack addiction.  On top of that people were voting for audience choice awards with those third size pencils and green ballots of fate.  However, it's not all nerves.  Some of the projects presented are excellent work for 48 hours and it's good to just support the relatively small San Diego film maker community - compared to our northern neighbors. 

Below are some of the random documentary photos I took during the evening.

Our actress Stacey and graphic artist (and location scout too!) Karen.

Fred and his daughter Victoria, both actors in our film.

Our cast and core crew on the red carpet...left to right: Karen, Fred, Mark, De'Anna, Frank, Victoria, Stacey, Gregg, and Vincent.

Our supermodel friend Shealyn, some weirdo, lovely Lydia, and femme fatale from Vermont Kristen.

Ben showing off one of our box props.  Ben was a lead writer on the film.

That's Frank, our director, in the middle of the audience holding up the box, although I have to admit that with the large depth of field this is more of a "Where's Waldo" photo.

Kristen and Lydia giving a pre-show self paparzzi Facebook update.

After the screenings Duane Trammell, the 48 hour organizer for San Diego, does a couple minutes of interviews with the directors.  We're #7 in the background.  It's interesting that the frame they chose was the "chicks with knives and guns shot", don't you think?  Maybe that's what excited the 48 hour program editor....hmmmm.

The voting ballot.  Darn tootin' they voted for "Box."  The alternative was a long walk home in high heels...he,he.

Every premiere has a wrap party.  So this is where I leave this adventure, with a lime slice on top.

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