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Thursday, July 21, 2011

••◊ Random stuff from Comic-Con '11

Today's post mainly consists of random whatever tourist gawker pictures from Comic-Con 2011.   I mean you have to to take pictures at a convention that covets the still image.  It's like heresy against the church of Stan Lee not to.  The imagery...well what can I say?  The archetypes were mostly as you would expect: the usual depiction of overly powerful men with super-human ability to fend off bullies and images of warrior women with vastly over sized breasts and blatantly undersized bikini tops.

My friend and colleague Keisha (a.k.a. "The Purple Problem Solver") is a steady volunteer at Comic-Con and she happened to have a complimentary preview night pass.  That's how I snuck in the front door.  I know it's hard to see in the picture, but her earrings are actually custom stereolith Darth Vader helmets.  Keisha, and yes she'll admit it, is no stranger to geeking out, but it an endearing way.  What you don't see is her custom lego+Darth necklace since she does metal working as well.

As we were leaving work Keisha tells me that she has one more preview night pass due to people having other commitments/excuses/being lame-asses/whatever, so we call up Clarence.  The summary of his response was something like "hells yeah!" and our superhero team was complete: The Purple Problem Solver, The Party Animal, and Reflector-Man (referring to my skin color).

Comic-Con is the ultimate place to geek out over comics, movies, art, t-shirts, movie stars, and the occasional samurai sword replica.  As we were walking to the venue I spotted this woman in front of us at the crosswalk.  What I began thinking to myself is, "is that Chewbacca on her back or is she the daughter of Robin Williams?"  "Yep, I'm in the right place."  Also everywhere were the much anticipated and highly valued Comic-Con swag bags.  Believe it or not the bags actually stood out on the convention floor in the crowd of people, however it was only preview night so the really wild costumes hadn't showed up yet.

The first movie gawker display we came to was a booth that features the original Delorian from Back to the Future III.  According to the display placard there were 8 cars used in the making of the movies and only 3 still exist.  They even had the original flux capacitor and the LED segment panel lit up to 1985/1885.  Not to geek out too much just yet, but the car had a Mr. Fusion mounted on the back!  The car was there to raise money for the Micheal J. Fox Foundation Parkinson's research.

What would a comic book convention be without grand scale artwork?  I really liked the original Stan Lee painting of the group of superheros.  Notice the lovely lighting he illustrated?  Shows the work of a master.  Clarence is shown for scale reference.

They had to use some over sized dolls to scare small children away from certain sections.  Bart looks like an LA celebrity lawyer protecting their client.  Is Lindsey Lohan back there somewhere?  The Legos samuri must be the private security for when she feels like getting sushi.  ...to continue on the Japanese theme, the warrior shown below must be Japanese.  Only they would paint a pink bunny face on the front of a 10 foot tall heavily armored warrior robot.  Maybe there's some Japanese pink bunny warrior anime that I blissfully unaware of.

Star Trek, grock it or not, was greatly under-represented at the convention.  This was the only sign I saw of the enterprise; at a booth selling model replicas of spaceships.  Don't worry Spock, JJ Abrams will make another Trekker picture.  The box office take and thousands of mind melds on studio heads guarantees it.

Finally, I present to you Star Wars - cue John William soundtrack, begin epic scroll.  An artist was sitting in their area drawing illustrations all over this Star Wars car.  It took me a bit to figure out what the center illustration is, but to just give it away you can see Darth holding The Emperor overhead as in the last part of Return of the Jedi.  Also of note was Star Wars clothing for women (click on the picture to read the message on the back of the underwear).  I like boba too, but generally in Thai ice tea.  Also pictured is my impression of a mash up between Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Star Wars.  Too bad I didn't have a light saber.  Guess I could have composited one in (notice after the last post I restrained myself from using the word "Photoshopped"?).  To end things right, the ultimate geeks dream: TWO, count them, TWO Princess Leia's with slave barge costumes!  Mostly geeks' fantasies end at ONE.

I only found out later that the two women in the picture weren't actually working at the Star Wars booth.  They were true life fans!  I saw one walking around with her boyfriend and thought of a phrase Yoda would say in this situation:  "Boyfriend-ed is she, now matters are worse."

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