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Friday, July 1, 2011

••◊ New Quick Release Camera Mount

Time for some light hearted Friday afternoon camera pr0n (safe mi-spelling).  This is my latest beast out of the machine shop and is actually upgrade-able to fit a full size video camera - like that's ever going to happen, but still.  The goal here was to make a sturdy mount with a quick release so I can quickly change out cameras or exchange the camera between this rig and my shoulder mount.

The quick release plate is a Manfrotto 323 plate adapter purchased from my local camera shop.  In addition to the standard mounting, I can extend the rails backward and put the mount back far enough for panoramic shots.  In theory the front  lens element should be at the horizontal rotation axis of the tripod head to get perfect panorama shots that can be stitched together.  The only thing I'm missing now is the ability of the camera to be mounted at 90-degrees for more vertical resolution!

The large block at the bottom is mostly hollow and it only meant to raise the mount enough to not have the thumb knobs hit the tripod head.  The rails are from my previous mount and are well used, but still reliable.  Note that I left the rig nekkid (i.e. no follow focus or other accessories) so you could see the beautiful silver machinery.

Off to shoot some panoramas on Independence Day here in the USA.

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