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Monday, May 23, 2011

••◊ How to Feed a Giraffe... No, really.

Last Monday I had a chance to go on Safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  For a fee they take you out into the nature preserve with a park ranger on a flat bed truck and even let you feed the giraffes.  It's a simple morning breakfast of acacia leaves, but much better looking than their normal brown dry "dog food."  The park hosts 3500 animals with 4-5 tons of zoo-doo removed every day.  Below are some photos that prove once and for all that I am not a nature photographer, however it's always fun to share an experience through photography.

Baby giraffes have an incubation period of 14 months.  When they first come out their neck is all twisted up from being curled up inside momma.  It take a few months for an infant's neck to straighten out.

The park ranger explained that Rhinos form bachelorette groups and break off from the rest of the herd.  These two were part of a 3 female group known as the "plastics" - a reference to the movie "Mean Girls."  They rarely made contact with the rest of the herd.  When they rub their horns together it's a sign of friendship and bonding.

Being a gorilla has to be the most boring job in the park.  All there is to do all day long is people watch.  That job is for the birds.

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