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Thursday, April 21, 2011

••◊ Emerald Cup 2011 pictorials

This last weekend I spent at the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, and Bikini Championships just outside of Seattle.  Before the show the promoter, Brad Craig, asked me to take some behind the scenes photos.  Little did Brad know that this was like asking a heroin addict if he'd like some more.  I had brought along the Canon S90 point and shoot due to travel limitations of other audio equipment I had to bring, so I knew getting good images was going to be a challenge.  I was up for it.
Thursday night began with check-in for the figure and fitness competitors.  Cinzia Clapp, a national competitor, was there with her husband to help with the show.  Check out her wrist arm band by clicking on the picture.

Friday night we had the figure and fitness show.  Normally I only have to be around for the fitness show because the figure show just has some elevator music playing in the background.  These women were tough.  It was a very difficult show to judge - speaking as just an observer.  Before the evening presentation I asked some the fitness competitors if I could take their photos on stage and they gave me some amazing photo opportunities.

What can I say about this one?...To the victor go the spoils.

One of the awful, terrible, downright boring this we have to do throughout the weekend was to sit through a bikini competition (sigh).  I mean how dull can things get (yawn).  Having to just sit there and look at beautiful women showing off their bodies.  They should pay us more. ....he, he.

Throughout the weekend we had a number of guest performers including Brandon Curry and "The Flag Man" Dominic Lacasse.  Unfortunately during the bodybuilding show I'm tied up with audio duties, so my photos consist of what I can grab from the production desk at the back of the hall.  Made me yearn for my 5Dm2 with a 600mm prime (a rental item $$$$$).

Finally, just a quick shot of the trophies.  The overall bodybuilder winners get swords too.  Guess I know where to go for props next time I want to make a gladiator movie.

Feels weird to be back to reality.

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