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Saturday, March 26, 2011

••◊ Forget Megapixels. Think Gigapixels.

I received an email today from one of the local photography groups that I belong to. The email's author mentioned his upload of a Gigapixel panorama made up of over 1400 photographs. Holy cow! I thought my camera had more than enough resolution at 21 Megapixels. I've created 100 Megapixel panoramas, but those are pretty run-of-the-mill common. Gigapixels, huh? On the web... Had to check it out.

The web site is called gigapan.org. Some of the most popular panoramas are here. They include President Obama's inaugural address, A Farewell to King Bladud's Pigs, The Golden Gate Bridge, the Burning Man 2006 Waffle, and a South Pole 360 Degree Panorama. Unlike most photographs this allows you to truly explore the photograph. You never know what you'll find. Also brings up the new world of privacy considering they were able to crop out a woman sitting at a hotel pool in a bikini in Dubai from a couple miles away using a 44 Gigapixel image. Your mother was right. Always wear clean underwear.

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