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Saturday, March 5, 2011

••◊ Carnevale!

This weekend San Diego's Little Italy section of the city celebrated Carnevale! The exclamation point somehow seemed necessary. We all know that most Italians have a genetically dominant trait that doesn't allow them to speak without using their hands so the exclamation point is a reasonable emphasis substitute.

From Wikipedia...

"Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent; the main events are usually during February. Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations, which mark an overturning of daily life."

From photog...

"An excuse to take pictures of random people."

Masquerade clad stilt walkers roamed the sidewalks taking pictures with families and visitors. Walking slowly, they were able to avoid children excitedly escaping from parents and small dogs. They had a table setup where children could make their own masks...now if only they setup a station for adults!

To live up to the street party theme, a block was closed off for traditional Italian dance lessons. This was the reason I brought the Canon S90 point and shoot instead of my 5D. The S90 has image stabilization, whereas I own no SLR lenses with IS built in. Still, my shutter speed was close to 1/4-1/10th of a second, which meant waiting for the dancing to stop in order to take a picture. Yes, the middle picture is an intentional artistic rendering to show motion of the dancers.

What's a party without music? In comes the Teagan Taylor Trio. There were four of them...? Maybe the band is heavily influenced by the Survivor reality show. At the end of the gig someone gets voted out of the group. "Sorry John, you missed a note on Bye-Bye Blackbird. The group has spoken." Then again, maybe it's a situation like Spinal Tap where they keep having their drummer spontaneously combust. Dunno. The group was perched on the southern most street corner of Little Italy belting out classic lounge jazz and blues tunes all night.

That's it. I need sleep after all this partying.

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