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Thursday, February 17, 2011

••◊ Quick Tutorial: Wireless Audio for a Canon 5D mark II

My non-audio savvy friends always seem a bit confused when I start talking about audio gain chains and causes of distortion/clipping issues. So this time I decided to put together a quick-n-dirty video tutorial on how I set up wireless audio and level monitoring into my Canon 5D mark II camera. Admittedly this information is reasonably basic for industry sorts, but not everyone is an industry pro. The point is to just get the information out there.

Really, this setup is limited to being good for documentary run-and-gun as well as news/blog videos. For pro audio I would use the 24-bit pristine audio being recorded onto the field recorder - maybe that's just me. It really depends on how soon you need to use the footage. Not everyone has time for audio post.

Shot on a Canon S90 PnS camera...for the atmo-budget film maker! That...and my 5D had to be part of the demonstration vehicle.

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