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Sunday, January 23, 2011

••◊ "Stronger" Bodybuilding Documentary - The Director's Cut

I shot a documentary about a bodybuilder in October of 2009, then started editing as time allowed in December in hopes to make the deadline for the Seattle International Film Festival. Foolish as I was, I produced a product that I never really felt was complete. It was 23 minutes, no music or polish, but told a respectably compelling story of David Patterson, a bodybuilder who's been to the rodeo more than a few times.

So over the holiday break in December 2010 I decided to revisit the footage. A year of learning and perspective is a good thing in this case. Sometimes you can go back and do things differently. The SIFF deadline has come and gone, but that's OK. I finally produced the film I intended to.

So what changed? It's just over half the initial length, re-edited, music and color correction added, converted to 24p, and given a more compelling story. The dialog has been (mostly) fixed. What I wish I had back then is some of the simple film making equipment I have now, like a follow focus and field monitor, along with a steadicam and shoulder rig. I'm also more aware of audio quality now, but that's always a struggle when you're trying to be a one man band

Overall, it's a feeling of slight redemption. I present "Stronger - the director's cut."

Click on the image above to be taken to Vimeo to view the film in HD!

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