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Saturday, December 4, 2010

••◊ Help Portrait 2010

The Help-Portrait 2010 event is wrapping up about now, except maybe for Hawaii and other Pacific islands. Help-Portrait is about giving people who normally couldn't afford a portrait, a printed portrait of themselves before the holidays. Our group in San Diego hit with the blinding force of a 4800 Watt-second Profoto pack this year at three locations: The Bayside Community Center, St. Clare's Home, and Solutions for Change. An unfortunate fact is that I saw some of the same families come in this year as came in last year. However, we made the families feel as good this year as last year which is what really counts.

Of course, I had to take some behinds the scenes shots just for a blog-worthy keepsake. Short descriptions follow...

Lauren was popping off a shot of one of the massive multitude of babies this year. It was like they were putting something in the water. Even Chiselda, one of our photographers, was pregnant. Chriselda lined up donations of stuffed toys for all the kids and I think her mile high supply was fairly depleted by 4pm.

Here, Renay is shooting and Graham is relegated to the position of head baby entertainer / David Blaine (holding his breath for 20 minutes trick) imitator.

Pol photographs a family using Profoto umbrellas. Unfortunately they weren't Profoto lights. Notice how I caught the lights firing too - pure luck. I guessed at the exposure settings and just happened to nail those too. Somewhere in the universe I've broken a photographic paradox.

One of our three, yeah count 'em, three(!) MUA's at the St. Clare's location. Normally we're lucky to have just one. Each one came with a small arsenal of brush and girly face gunk that I'll never comprehend. That's OK because because I show up with an arsenal of lenses that they don't comprehend (most of the time). Hell, sometimes I don't know why I need all the lenses I do...until I need them.

Finally, one of our fearless leaders Rebecca; except when you point a camera toward her. Like most photographers she has an aversion to being in front of the lens. There's a reason we buy cameras. It puts us safely behind the image sensor. Now if the industry comes up with some type of 3D panoramic lens then we're really screwed. Rebecca and Pol share the credit for pulling off the Solutions for Change location.

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