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Sunday, November 28, 2010

••◊ Stop Motion using the Pentax K5

Time between projects typically means testing out new gear. Clarence, of course, couldn't help but indulge in a shiny new Pentax K5 as soon as it became available in the U.S. We headed out to Shelter Island on San Diego bay this afternoon to try out the low light capability and the interval shooting function of the camera. I brought my 5Dm2 along as well, but since the Canon cameras don't have built in interval shooting I wasn't able to do any stop motion photography. However...I was able to grab this frame of the sail boat in near pitch black darkness using a long exposure. When blown up to proper size you can even see the stars behind the city. Cameras now days are truly amazing.

We were able to capture the city scape at stop motion intervals using the K5, but frankly it was uncompelling except for a cruise ship leaving the terminal and a few plane taxiing in and out of Lindbergh field. So we strapped his tripod to the back seat using a series of bungee cords and set the camera on interval mode while driving through the city. One really nice feature of the Pentax cameras is the built in image stabilization, which went into full use since the San Diego city streets look like Edward James Olmos' face. At the beginning of the Flickr video you can see where we stopped because Clarence forgot to set the focus to manual and the camera was actually re-focusing every shot automatically...in interval mode!

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