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Friday, November 26, 2010

••◊ Happy Thanksgiving

For the last few years I've been adopted into the Nasworthy family during Thanksgiving Day. So what am I grateful for at Thanksgiving besides pumpkin pie?...having friends that take me in like family...my brutha' in photographic crime, Clarence...hope for new opportunities in the new year...my one and only mother - even though I'm a bad son and don't call her enough. Gratuitous pictures of the feast follow.

Finally, a quick family portrait of the Nasworthy clan from yesterday - before dinner - had to be quick because that pumpkin pie was waiting for me! I swear I heard the pie actually say in a dark brooding voice, "Come; Eat me." Left to right: Jimmy, Berenicia, Garret, Val, G.ma Fanning, G.pa Fanning, Kelsey, Cameron, Frank, Beryl, a.k.a. Crash, Brandon, Rachel, Chase, and John. ...and yes, despite the look this is November in San Diego.

Better go call my poor mother, after all she's the one who purposely placed a refrigerator magnet that says, "Call you mother. She worries."

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