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Sunday, November 7, 2010

••◊ Going French in Hope-wood

Clarence and I took a leave from work Friday to go visit our friend and starlet in Hollywood, Hope Rosemary. Camera gear in tow we were intending to mostly take pictures of Hope, but at the last minute her French room mate decided to join us...

This time I decided to use Patrick Demarchelier, a French fashion photographer, as an stylistic influence. His style seemed appropriate for what we were trying to do and not really have a style of my own, I'm open to new influences. Patrick seems to use wide angle lenses ( less than 50mm) and interesting perspectives. Unfortunately the apartment complex we were at only offered selective slices of photographic paradise, so I had to use tighter shots than I might have liked at first. However, I was able to review a few of his photographs on set and use stylistic elements as an influence for the shots I wanted to achieve.

First up are two shots in the same stairwell. I used a beauty dish at camera left. I also used a strobe bunched up next to the lens as an on axis fill since the shade was f/2.8 and the sun was still baking at f/16. This helped even out the contrast and avoid harsh shadows.

In these two shots I also used a beauty dish, but the pool shot used the rim of the beauty dish as a rainbow shaped framing device. In this case my friend David was my voice activated light stand at the other side of the pool. The last picture was just a beauty dish at camera right with an on axis fill since we were under a covered area pool side. Usually I like to keep the on axis fill at 2 to 3 stops below key, depending on the effect I'm after.

One last note...Hope, thank you for being a red head again!

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