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Monday, October 25, 2010

••◊ Looking In On Tony Peters

I would say that I have soup for brains today, but chicken stock is way too thick to describe the current state of my gray matter. Yesterday Holly came over at 11:30am to work on her 2 minute documentary video for her technology in education class. It turns out that she had made just a tad less progress on the edit than I would have hoped (i.e. nothing was really done yet). She called her husband in the early afternoon to say she would be home before sunset. I shook my head and told her she was crazy. Sure enough; at midnight we were just finishing up and uploading to Vimeo. It's quite respectable for her first go as a director and editor. Hopefully she's jazzed because I'm having trouble spelling 'chikin' today. Thank goodness for spell checker.

Holly, if you're reading this, I still want to meet the runner model...

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