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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

••◊ Last Call

Last night my musically inclined friend Ken dragged me out to his favorite watering hole; a dive bar named "Last Call." He was there recording a jam session by the group of musicians that show up as regulars on Tuesday. He came in, plopped down a field mixer the size of a 30" LCD TV, set up a couple small condenser mics in a stereo cross pattern above the bar...and away we go. The bartender didn't even look at him twice - just a "as long as you don't harsh our buzz, it's cool man" attitude. That pretty much kept with the feeling of the band. They casually filed in one by one with a smile for their Tuesday night band mates. The band picked up steam as the night progressed with more and more people joining in.

What's really cool about the place (to me) is that the walls are covered with Polaroids of their patrons having fun. Some pics are not exactly what you might show to your work colleagues on Monday. But when the bar's logo involves a mug of beer and a pair of goggles what exactly would you anticipate?

I, of course, brought my own Canon branded semi-Polaroid. Lighting was...well...bar lighting. f/2.8, ISO3200, 1/100th and still about a stop low. Thought it might be good to toss up a couple pics on the blog while I'm waiting for the new version of "Looking In On Tony Peters" uploads. I'll swap in the new link on Vimeo tomorrow. 'Till then...random pics of the band.

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