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Thursday, August 12, 2010

••◊ The great international beauty shoot

Last Sunday was spent herdin' cats at a Penthouse near downtown San Diego. My friend Duygu thought it would be fun to have a girls glamour day where she could do some art direction. Well...things didn't turn out as planned, but that's nothing unusual for a shoot. I just kept telling Duygu, "this is normal, relax." We roll with the punches.

It all started at 7am when Clarence called me to say that our hair dresser had been out drinking all night, texted him that she wasn't going to make it at 3am, and was currently praying to the porcelain god. Oh boy...didn't plan a backup there. Then when we arrived we found out that two of the girls had decided to flake out at the last minute, so we were down to 3 women. However, Duygu's roommate Christina came through with two of her friends and Duygu made a call or two. Suddenly this became an international beauty photo shoot. We had three Mexican women (Cristina, Bernice, and Sandra), one Turkish/Swedish woman (Duygu), and one Brit (Katie), and a Yank (Jodi).

You read correctly above. Duygu is Turkish via genetics and Swedish via nationality. I generally refer to her as "trouble." I told her at the shoot that she's the type of trouble that mothers warn their sons about and fathers tell their sons to look forward to. Gotta love that.

I now wish I had taken a picture of all the lighting gear we had in one room. It was nearly pornographic. Most of the pictures below were taken with a 48" soft box, a bare flash near the lens for fill, and my beauty dish shown in the previous post. David Hobby mentioned just using a bare flash crammed up to the barrel of the lens as a poor man's ring flash. Turns out it really works. I was able to easily crank up and turn down ambient lighting.

So...the pictures - In alphabetical order there's Bernice, Christina, Duygu, Jodie, and Katie.

Hopefully we are shooting another comedy bit this weekend. More to come after that.

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