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Friday, August 6, 2010

••◊ Creating beauty in the machine shop

Just a quick post before the weekend. I spent my lunch hour this week in the machine shop. After picking up a beauty dish I needed a way to mount it to my speedlight. Of course, no one really sells such a contraption, so I had to custom make one (joy!). The brass post was custom lathed. The top and bottom curved washers were milled and the mounting bracket was also custom milled. The speedlight mount was borrowed from my Chimera "magic slipper" setup for my softboxes. I just need a PC sync cord and "I'm so there, dude!" I have four beautiful women lined up for a shoot this weekend so this dish better live up to it's name.


Anonymous said...

i think you will get a much nicer quality of light output with a stoffen style plastic diffuser on the flash head. the design of the beauty dish relies on a significant amount (most?) of light firing sideways out of the bare bulb flash head which would usually site inbetween the 'neck' of the dish and the baffle. with the flash as you have it in the picture i would expect most of the flash output to be reflected backwards out of the dish!
alex kent.

Jesse West said...

I agree with Kent. Would you care to give it a try and share the results? Very nice mod. Clean too. Thanks for sharing.

Goes.2.Eleven said...

The little bowl in the center is adjustable. Through experimentation we found the optimal placement (not shown) and it works fine. The trick is to use the built in diffuser on the 580exII. Results are on my flickr account. I've used this dish on many models and for charity portraits.

Janey said...

I wish I had enough skill in a machine shops in Vancouver to create my own equipment. Does this cut down very much on cost? Either way it would be nice to customize my equipment to my liking. I'm very picky about what I will and will not use with regards to my photography.

Goes.2.Eleven said...

I think so. Just look at the prices on the Mola or Profoto beauty dishes. I bought the beauty dish from a the backdrop outlet (http://www.backdropoutlet.com) and put in a little time in the machine shop.

I don't do too many portraits anymore since my primary area is Cinematography. I've been thinking about selling the beauty dish. It's just taking up room in my closet. It was fun while it lasted.

...and yes, the white diffuser over the flash does make it work better. Tested and confirmed.

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