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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

••◊ The Sandwich

Last weekend we decided to semi-randomly film a comedy short with Shaun and Marc (a.k.a. Dave and Shane) from "Go Gadget Comedy." These two guys have great comedic timing and they had half the story written before showing up. The other half was improvised in "Whose Line is it Anyway?" style. All production and prop procurement occurred in an 8 hour period of a not-so-lazy, but fun Sunday.

This gave me a chance to try out my new shoulder rig and learn it's limitations. I need to improve the camera mount platform, add a counter weight, and improve the shoulder brace, but it worked well otherwise. Obviously in one of the scenes we were in a grocery store shooting guerrilla style, so I used a small Kodak consumer video camera (sort of like a Mino Flip) and my Marantz field recorder to get audio that could be synced up in post. They sent one poor clerk over to check us out, mostly because Shaun and Marc were in pajamas in the dairy section. Maybe the pajamas were an intimidation factor because she didn't come back.... I don't normally shop at that store, so I figured no big deal if we get kicked out.

Clarence brought over a couple cheap daylight balanced lights from Adorama. The light has a single fluorescent bulb at 5500K and a 27" soft box. They worked for fill, but would struggle as a key light. Not bad for $40. We used them for the kitchen table and outdoor interview scenes.

Post production was a major pain. It seems like between CS4 my MOTU drivers I have a very unstable editing platform. I need to upgrade to CS5 and change audio interfaces. Suffered through this one.

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