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Friday, July 2, 2010

••◊ Playing Hookie with the Mermaids

I played hookie from work Tuesday to hang out with Clarence and a couple models at the Mermaid Salon. He lined up Shealyn Sharleen and Kelly Lee, as well as Renata Damone (not shown below). It was good to get out shooting again and exercise my shutter finger so I don't forget how it works.

The setup was fairly straight forward as shown below. Two umbrellas, one soft box, and one reflector for high-key photos. I ran the soft box one stop hot and the highlight umbrella one stop under to maintain detail. the right picture of Shealyn used this setup because of the way her hair was parted. The right picture of Kelly used the mirror image of this setup because her hair was parted to the other side.

Pictures of Shealyn...

With Kelly I tried a few different setups in the hallway and back of the business, but it just wasn't working until I tried Clarence's beauty dish. This made all the difference. I now unfortunately NEED one. The light spread was just perfect. They live up to their name. The light diagram is shown below.

Pictures of Kelly with both setups...

Lots of work to do this weekend, but more on that later.

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