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Monday, July 26, 2010

••◊ A day at the races

Sunday was race day. Most people think of a day at the races with horses and the vertically challenged who ride them. I think of races with human horsepower...bicycles. As a retired bike racer I know what it feels like to have lungs burning and still have to keep going that last quarter-mile to the finish. Cycling is a tough sport and when it's good it's just enough to satisfy the S&M fetish most of these racers have. It's when the pain comes in manageable spurts that competition becomes fun. (OK, so I'm not fully integrated back into society).

Once a year I get to relive the glory days at our annual San Marcos circuit race. An hour around the UC San Marcos college campus drive and almost everyone's legs are logs of jello. After having to drop out of the races the first year due to an asthmatic episode I came back and won the second year, so this circuit will always hold good memories. This year I worked registration in the morning and corner #1 until late morning. That, of course, meant I had put pull out the old camera and pop off a few shots. There isn't a lot to do when you're wearing a volunteer's orange vest and watching people come by every three to four minutes - some clearly done for the day. Below are some random pics from corner #1 in the morning; the last one featuring our fearless leader Alan. I figured I better throw something in from him in this blog post so the Ranchos crew waits for me next time I get a flat.

My afternoon was *supposed* to be spent discussing upcoming projects with a film director while Clarence did a modeling shoot with Shealyn, but the director didn't make it to the meeting. So...speaking of ponies...Shealyn brought her vintage mustang down to Liberty Station. All wasn't lost. I pulled out the camera again and began shooting over Clarence's shoulder. Eventually it got to the point where Clarence just gave me the second flash trigger and we both were going full hog on the shots. Hah! Weaseled my way in to this one. Below are some mostly unplanned modeling pictures of Shealyn.

Back to techie work today. I'm still looking at 5D camera calibration and chart alignment. No shoots planned at the moment, but hopefully Shaun and Marc get back on the ball and are ready to do another comedy. The question is which business we'll be guerrilla shooting in this time? The Del Mar race track? Nordstroms? Build-a-bear workshops? Victoria's Secret? Sally beauty supply? The possibilities are endless.

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