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Thursday, June 24, 2010

••◊ New Shoulder Mount

Just finished the shoulder mount for my 5D today. It needs a counter weight and a way to mount the lav receivers, but it's fully functional. Simple pic is below.

Now that I have the mounts that you see on the shoulder brace in CAM I can easily mount "stuff" to the rails. My follow focus gears arrived today, so now I'm just waiting for the cartridge bearings so I can upgrade the follow focus. Whew hew!...getting closer to a production in July when I can put this bad boy to use.

Update 06.26/2010: I just replaced the picture with one showing the full rig with lav mounts. Joy. Still needs a counter weight in the back though.

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Darith Snuff said...

Niiice, reeeeally niiice!!!

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