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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

••◊ Enlightened in New York City

I really don't have much going on photographically until this weekend, so I thought I would throw out these little tidbits from New York City. Below is a picture of Rockefeller Plaza on Friday morning. NBC hosts the Today Show from here. To the left is studio 1A where they have their set, to the right is Dean & Deluca - the coffee shop familiar to regular watchers of the show. "30 Rock" is actually the tall building on the left the next block over. On Friday they have a concert series, so my sister and I hiked down there at 7am to watch the show live.

Al Roker came out first to do his weather bit. It was funny how many women thought he was much taller from watching him on TV. Doesn't matter when you're on camera as long as you're not Verne Troyer. Being a film geek the first thing I noticed was the diffused Litepanels 1x1 light they were using as fill on Al. The Plaza is in the shade in the morning, so they used this to give him a little extra light for his segment. The really cool thing is that they were running on a battery pack - no cords, easy to move around!

Cameron Diaz unexpectedly came out to do an interview with Today show hosts. I was wondering why there were so many people there dressed in green. It was only explained to me later that she was there to promote Shrek 4. You can kind of see a little neon green around her knees, but that's because they brought in kids and they were generally shorter than the adults you mainly see in the shot.

I have to say the next photo was kind of a cop-out. I wasn't able to get very close to the music stage because we were there relatively late, but a band called The Script was promoting their new album. These guys have their stuff down and were genuinely nice to the fans and crowd in general. They came out to sign autographs, talked with fans, and mingled for quite a while before going on stage.

Finally, every bookworm's dream come true. A stop at the mother ship, also known as the New York City Public Library. Sis stopped for a pose inside the lobby - yes, this is just one of the stairwells in the lobby!

More to come after the weekend.

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