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Monday, May 31, 2010

••◊ Senorita Joshi

A few weeks ago Tamara, whom I met in Oreste's UCSD class, asked me to shoot senior portraits of her friend Joshi. Joshi is about to graduate from high school next week, so congratulations are in order. We had one freak weather cancellation and my trip to NYC delayed things another week, but Saturday the stars aligned. I go cycling past the grasslands shown in the background so I asked around and Molly at Highland Valley Studios was very kind and allowed us to come on to her property to shoot the photo set.

Tamara is a photo student, so I look at this photo shoot as saving her poor daughter from shutter fatigue for at least one day. I set up the shots, took some photos, then Tamara jumped in the mix. Most of the day was done with either gold reflector or a single shoot through umbrella. Even at 4pm onward the sun here is extremely bright, so I compensated for the sky with a polarizer. Then it was just a matter of cranking the 580's up to full blast to compensate for the background.

Braving cow pie land mines and ants that Buddhists might believe were bodybuilders in a past life we took some gold reflector photos in the field.

I tried to do some wide angle star shots with Joshi, but the new 5Dm2 firmware (2.0.7) appears to have a bug. After a 10-12 minute star exposure the camera wouldn't store the image. A screen appeared that just said that the image was still in progress of being stored. I finally had to give up and open the battery compartment to get the camera to reset. The thing is that the same bug didn't happen with a 2 minute exposure. Strange. I may have to try this again and see if my issue was just a freak accident. Off to enjoy the rest of Memorial Day...

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