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Saturday, March 6, 2010

••◊ Random stuff from Washington DC

This week I just have random stuff to tell you about from my recent visit to the NASA Centennial Challenges awards in Washington DC. After rushing to build my rails and camera mount just a couple days before the trip I decided to take it with me - with the biggest concern being the TSA scratching their heads at it and deciding it was a pseudo-random security risk, while confiscating my hard work and slapping newly fitted rubber gloves against their wrists. Turns out...no problem. You never know. I had a security person in Pisa stop me because he thought my lightweight carbon fiber tripod was some kind of threat.

So, below is proof that the system made it there and filmed the awards ceremony. When am I going to get around to editing it? Dunno. Have too many projects going on as is. I haven't even had time to edit my photos yet. Nick Burrows, one of the Lasermotive team, took the picture on his iPhone so you'll have to forgive the quality.

Another random place I stopped was the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I was walking back from the Library of Congress when I happened upon the building and decided to pop in for a look. Unfortunately at this time my feet were barking at me like one of Micheal Vick's pit bulls so whatever I saw had to be quick. In a dark corner of one of the exhibition halls they had a case of NASA historical cameras and thought it would tie in with both the events earlier in the day and this blog in general. I left the image size big, so click on the picture to read the placards. Some of the highlights are Neil Armstrong's Hasselblad film magazine, one of the Apollo 11 Hasselblad cameras with a 70mm lens, a modified 16mm camera to capture Apollo 11, the first RCA television camera sent into space, and the Apollo 11 light meter! Yes, this is ancient in terms of technology, but this was the camera equipment that captured those iconic images of man landing on the moon - on giant leap...and all that!

Tomorrow I'm off to scout a location for a shoot in LA. In happenstance, Philip Bloom is in town and called for a meet up of all those interested in 5D cinematography. I'm going. Should be cool.

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