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Friday, March 12, 2010

••◊ Captain Stubing

Shane Hurlbut has coined the term "man-cam" to describe the apparatus you see me holding. Somehow that nickname seems to be holding in the film community. As you can see, yes, I've been at it in the machine shop again with scrap bin aluminum.

Redrock Micro has a similar camera rig that they call "Captain Stubling." I always mispronounce it as Captain Stubing (as in the Love Boat Captain). So I'm just going to call my configuration Captain Stubing. This camera rig is great when you need to get into tight places quickly and don't mind a little shaky cam, like fast action shots. It's more of a speed boat than a cruise liner like a Steadicam.

The cost? Well, the bicycle grips were about $11 at my local bike shop. They definitely say "welcome aboard" to my hands. Nice and comfy. I already had the D-focus follow focus unit. So all it really cost was my labor - making the unit priceless, of course (ah-hem). Other parts, such as the camera mount and rails were made during an earlier project so I consider them virtually free now.

Below are some pictures of the setup on a tripod. Obviously the tripod mount isn't necessary for the configuration, but I needed to stick the unit on a tripod to take pictures. I only own one camera and couldn't find one to borrow this week. Yes, this is nothing like the Viewfactor rig from my previous post, but nothing is really like that bad boy - including the price tag.

The design can use a little refinement, however it's totally usable right now and that's what really matters. Perhaps I'll start the shoulder rig next. Dunno.

This is your captain speaking. You are now free to cruise about the filming set.


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome. You should start mass producing these...zacuto and redrock need some competition.

S. Allman said...

Might be interesting except I'm doing this work on borrowed equipment. I don't own a vertical mill or lathe (yet).

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