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Sunday, February 28, 2010

••◊ Where's George?

So...my mom emails me the week before last and tells me about this Internet site called wheresgeorge.com. It allows you and I to track where money goes. Mom then sends me a dollar bill with the wheresgeorge.com logo stamped on it and tells me it's my duty to continue George's journey to Washington DC (more about that in a future post). So far it had been to Portland (Oregon) and Seattle. I, of course, start by logging it into San Diego.

Somewhere in the air over Colorado I thought to myself..."ah ha, I think I have a photo project; Where's George, the photog version." Everyone takes photos of the White House (with the plethora of snipers outside now days), the National Mall, Capitol...etc...big yawn. Considering they just had an snow and ice storm a lot of the trees are broken and bare, there's no shrubbery, and things are just dead looking. It's not exactly picture paradise this time of year unless you're into squirrel nut gathering photography.

Me? Well, I'm going where George is going. George is an adventurous sort and evidently very popular in Washington D.C. (not just the name). When I exited the jetway off the A320 I was smackdab in gray suit-land. Feeling like a redneck in jeans we kept going because we had important things to do.

As a side note...George and I had a stop over at Chicago O'Hare airport. George and I were both creap-ed out by the Burger King advertisement at the right, so we kept on trucking. Next stop, Washington DC.

Our first stop in Washington was the Lincoln monument. Between you and me, I think George still has a bit of statue envy.

George and I stopped at the Washington Monument, which George still doesn't quite get because it looks nothing like him (for the most part). The National Park folks have also nicknamed the place "WAMO" as seen on the park ticket. I guess that makes it easier to TXT to a friend.

George said he wanted to stop by the old house just for nostalgia sake. He never got to see it completed.

George and I geeked out at NASA for a bit. We had some business to do there related to the power beaming challenge that the Lasermotive team won in November last year. I almost bought a t-shirt in the company store, but they were out of my size. Oh man, what I wouldn't have given for a space suit from that store back when I was six!

NASA is about three blocks from the Capitol building. George is still extremely popular there. Enough said.

So where's George today? I left him in the capable hands of two gentlemen heading for the colony of New York. They were given specific instructions to log George into that area. So if you see a dollar bill with serial number L92626498I series 2006, you'll know where it's been. More to come about this trip later.

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