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Saturday, February 20, 2010

••◊ Valentine's Day

For those less single, last Sunday was Valentine's Day. I've been so busy lately that if it weren't for photography I would have honestly forgotten about it. President's Day is typically more memorable because at least I get the day off from work. Jeremy Cowart at Help-Portrait sent out a last minute notice asking for fundraising for Haiti, so we decided to do portraits at Hennessey's in the gaslamp in return for a donation to the Red Cross International Response Fund. The usual suspects were included: Clarence (aka "Lumpy"), Lauren+hubby Clay, Chriselda+hubby Miguel+girls, Pol, Michelle+hubby, and video Greg. Somehow, with a half dozen photographers present, I ended up doing all the shooting. Why? Dunno. Pol managed out on site IT services, man-ing the tethered laptop and printing the pictures. Clarence donated the lighting gear and did the behind the scenes photos (below). Chriselda and Lauren handled the street hustle. Michelle brought the back drop and nursed her under the weather husband. Larry at Nelson's Photo in San Diego generously provided us with a discount on our white seamless paper.

The concept was that we would set up a seamless backdrop in a banquet room of the restaurant and have street barkers bring people in for portraits. Easier said than done as we soon found out. The good news is that we (meaning I) did get some good shots. The trick was to tell people to be a fun, campy, and as cheese-ball as possible since this was Valentine's Day. I'm not a wedding or couples photographer (by choice - puke) so when it comes to the whole loving couples thing I just lack inspiration. Having couples pose themselves seemed to alleviate the involuntary hurl sensations.

Let's get to the pictures, shall we? After all, you're here for the pixels, right? First up were Chriselda's little girls. Boy does she have these two trained to be in front of a camera. Clarence was just going around taking random photos and turned the camera toward the older girl - sure enough, she knew to begin smiling and posing without being prompted. The younger daughter seemed to be equally well trained, believe it or not.

You know those couples that you just know have a weird sense of fore play? Yeah. Picture of Lauren and Clay below. Kidding...I keeeeeed. Actually, While we were standing around idle I told Lauren that after some of the other couples' offbeat posing that she had to up her game - so this photo was more of a dare than a fore planned thought. Then again, who knows. Maybe this is what they do every Sunday afternoon; training for the yearly wife carrying championships.

Two couples came in from Novato, California (up north). I managed a few fun frames of them, but this one definitely stuck out. You gotta love the buckling knees and the expression on her face.

I reserved the pictures that may cause projectile vomit onto your computer screen for the archive just because I was in a good mood from President's Day. I need another day off like that.

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