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Sunday, December 13, 2009

••◊ We rocked the portraits.

Yesterday I took part in a world-wide charitable giving campaign called Help Portraits. The idea was to give people nice portraits that they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford this holiday season. The picture below is from one of our morning session setups at Solutions for Change in Vista. My setup was on the blue wall opposite the picture below (not really shown). I worked with Renay Johnson, who normally shoots boxing matches! So if any of the photogs starting fighting over who gets the Pocket Wizard next, at least we would be able to get the photos to prove it. The running joke was that our assistant, Ryan, kept bringing us larger and larger families. With 6 to 7 kids, oh boy, did we have our work cut out for us. At one point, just to tease us, Ryan came over with a straight face and said I have a family of 15. It took me a second and then I thought,"wait a minute, we're not in Utah."

The picture below shows Cresente, Lauren, Mike, Pol, and Emese working with one of the families that came in for photos. Then there's the photographers (photo by Mike). Mike's camera nearly got dumped over while he tried to beat the timer to run and mix in with the group. Not a good fate for any D300.

In the afternoon we went to a girls group home in Mira Mesa. We were shooting about 6-7 teenage girls. Chriselda, a student from Oreste's class, volunteered to help so I put her to work. She is pictured below and also in the class photo from the previous post. I don't have proper permission to post portraits of the girls, so Chriselda's test shot will just have to be the help portrait proxy model. Since she's just learning about photography I showed her how to setup lighting and put her to work taking many of the portraits. The girls got all gussied up and were excited to play model for the day, although we had to get them to lay down their guard a little to take the good shots.

I just finished retouching the photos this morning. So where are the photos going? The rules for contribution call for hard copies of photos. Yes, actually printing them. Remember those days?

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