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Thursday, December 3, 2009

••◊ Online in HD, part 2

This next post really falls into the area of unexpected consequences of inexperience. After spending nearly 12 hours rendering out a quarter resolution preview last night one of error I found is messed up audio. Why, oh why? The tracks copied properly with the necessary key frames when I pasted into the new sequence.

Well, first off I forgot to re-mute the tracks that I had muted in the original sequence. These were muted because the audio from these tracks represented proxy sync audio recorded by the camera's on board microphone. This audio was mostly overwritten by the good recordings from my field recorder. So why did the audio sound wonky (technical term)? I was playing back the horrid sounding sync audio at the same time as the good audio.

Step 1: Remember to mute audio tracks that were muted in the offline sequence. You can tell which ones are muted by the lack of a speaker icon next to the track name.

Another items that doesn't get copied when you copy and paste a sequence is the audio mixer and it's settings. In my original sequence track 7 was set at -5.9dB, so obviously audio track 7 was twice as hot as I intended it to be in the rendered preview.

Step 2: Set the audio mixer to the same levels as the original sequence. The setting is the the "Audio Mixer" tab next to the "Effect Control" tab.

This just goes to show you that I'm still learning. Life in offline editing was a cakewalk. More to come.

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