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Thursday, December 10, 2009

••◊ I practiced the "Dr. Phil" response all week

Oreste Prada, a work colleague, asked me to make a guest appearance at a UCSD extension course he's teaching about photography to help give feedback on the students' photos. I told him "sure, that sounds fun." So I practiced my best Dr. Phil (southern drawl inferred) "What were you thinking?" all week. Then he let me know that the introductory class probably wasn't the best use for this type of feedback. However, when we get to the intermediate class we can make the students cry like Jimmy Swaggart after he gets caught buying a "date." (switching accents to Dr. Evil) Buhhh ha ha, Buhhh ha ha. I can't wait.

Each student submitted three photos for examination and we gave constructive feedback on color, DOF, white balance, proportion balance, leading lines...etc. A good review of the basics. It also helped me to start thinking about Portraits again and the various things I'll need to remember this weekend as I participate in the help portraits campaign.

Me? I learned by flash card. No, not the math cards. The Compact Flash memory cards. Burn through a card, then find out all the images stink, then do it again.

Of course I couldn't leave without a class picture of Professor Prada and the gang. The usual, everybody crowd together, just seemed a little mundane so I decided to mix it up. Besides, how many times do you get to put your college teacher in immediate peril during class? I was in an engineering discipline so that answer would come back as 'i' or 'j' depending on if it was a math or engineering course.

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