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Sunday, August 2, 2009

••◊ Ranchos racing

This last year Robert Fagnant, an experienced bicycle racer and member of our team, coached the Ranchos women's racing team. I have to say he's done an extraordinary job. The women are racing hard, winning state championships, *and* they all seem to get along. Not an easy job for any "directeur sportif."

Given the wonderful job these women are doing in promoting Ranchos and our sponsor, I knew I had to do a short documentary on them at our cycling club's annual race. Once again I borrowed the LX3 camera (with cringe-worthy audio quality) and my DSLR to do the task. The wind kicked up in the afternoon making me a little nervous about the interview footage, but the audio was mostly usable. I also had to dial down the exposure compensation a little to compensate for the southern California summer sun; which almost works if you can see the viewfinder. A new technique I tried this time was to gather some over head shots by sticking the camera on a tripod and waving it over the cyclists like a poor man's jib. Despite having to estimate the shot framing I was surprisingly able to get usable footage.

So here's my latest short interview with the ladies. As always the HD version can be viewed

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