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Friday, July 3, 2009

••◊ The ladies man

This post should really be called "how to clone out ketchup bottles," but more on that later. Ladies, meet Ventura. Ventura, ladies. In his super-musician alter ego he performs as "Darling Rossi." Ventura came to me for photos on his CD cover as well as his online sites. When we first met for the planning session he said I want "Rod Stewart meets Guns-n-Roses," to which my first reply was an expected "huh?" What he meant is the new incarnation of smooth crooner Rod Stewart and lots of booze (i.e. Guns-n-Roses). OK, this was going to be a challenge, but I had a few ideas. The first one, of course, involved throwing a sexy woman in the mix. Enter Ventura's "friend" Brooke.

Every ladies man needs a sensitive side, so we had to capture some lonely musician moments. Ventura was a bit tense in the eyes, so when I wanted him to relax I told him to think "pretty girl thoughts." Hey, it worked. For this picture I stole a tiny bit of inspiration from Joe McNally's recent posts. He seems to like putting people near windows in his blog posts lately and we had a nice big street view window to fit Ventura in, so...

Now it was time to switch over to more Guns-n-Roses mode. Since a musician's first love is usually music, I thought I would have Ventura drinking with his guitar to sort of symbolize that connection. I guess I've been listening to a lot of Robert Cray lately.

So why the mention of ketchup bottles? They were everywhere in this darn place and I didn't notice until after downloading the pictures. Since I was shooting in the dark for half the evening and didn't have a laptop I didn't notice the bottles until I got home. There must have been at least ten bottles to clone out of the pictures. So, lesson to self...next time watch out for the condiments.

The good thing I did learn is how to focus in the dark with live view. If I crank up the ISO to 1600 I can focus on the eyes, which usually have a specular reflection from the surround lights. This is usually just enough to get the eyes sharp, which is typically what I wanted. Set the ISO back down to 100-400 and snap the shot. Perfecto.

So what was Ventura doing after the photo shoot ended at 11:45pm? Well...the bartender stopped by and mentioned that two young ladies sitting at the bar would like some live music. There isn't much of a need to explain the rest.

There are other photos, but you'll have to wait for the lauch of his CD and new web sites for those. I'm working on a Strobist meeting video at the moment, so back to my edit station.

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