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Friday, July 24, 2009

••◊ I think I wore out my scanner.

Welcome to my dissertation on world peace, or at least it might have taken an equivalent effort. For the last six months I have been patiently waiting beside a film and/or photo scanner to archive family photos. So what's the body count? 192 film-negatives, 362 printed photos, and 228 slides scanned; and this was *after* removing the redundant, inconsequential, and bad pictures. Thank goodness for digital cameras and cheap storage.

I thought it might be nice to compile a list of my favorite photos from the bunch. This series will probably seem pretty long, but it's just a random glance at the highlights. First let's start with me. I'll spare my friends from my baby "clothing optional" pictures...you know, to keep this safe for work. The first photo I like because I was an audio-centric person growing up. I once sent a copy of this picture to my mom with the caption "Some people believe in destiny. I like to think I found my own way." The second picture...well, I just like it. Awesomely posed if I do say so myself, however I should have moved a little to the right to capture more facial highlight. What do you expect? I was like three.

Next up out of the pool is a rather random entry of my Aunt Bertie. The color, the stare, the subtle hand at the left of the frame that she is turning away from - You have to pay big bucks for a model to look this sad in a photo now days.

There are a few classic portraits of grandma (Elsie) and grandpa (Ed) in their earlier years. All my life I grew up with my grandma having short hair, but I personally think she looked better here. My grandpa was an ambulance driver in Japan in world war two, so I felt like this shot really captured a time, purpose, and place well.

Then there's mom. I thought the concept of a "free burro ride" at Fairyland really captured a time and place again. Funny, I've never seen her ride an animal since. Hmmm.... I also had to throw in a picture in from mom's younger years sans rug-rat (i.e. me).

Then, and most importantly, there's mom and I. I'll probably get ousted from her will for showing her in a swimsuit on my blog, but it wouldn't be the first reason. Here's mom and I, probably on Oahu circa the late seventies. Then there's mom and I in the backyard probably in Beaverton Oregon. Notice that she has bare feet outdoors, tracking in dirt onto the inside carpet. ...and she gave *me* a hard time about bringing dirt indoors. "Girl dirt" must be OK.

Off to the bicycle races tomorrow. Probably won't make it to the Strobist meeting this month.


Sara said...

Great picture of your Mom on the deck! I'd like to see you recreate a similar photograph with lighting and angles. This photograph turned out terrific!

Goes.2.Eleven said...

I think I might greviously injure my mom if we recreated this photo today.

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