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Thursday, June 25, 2009

••◊ Gliding with the LX3

A local photography club I belong to recently held a meetup at the La Jolla Gliderport. The "gliderport" is a piece of land the city owns that is designated for the use of local hang gliders and paragliders. In approximately an acre of seaside terrace the daredevils set up their equipment and then it's a 100 foot drop off a cliff into the ocean. Yes, lifeguard is posted if that does any good after the fall. Instead of just taking my still camera alone I decided to tag team it with the LX3 for HD video. I only had 3GB of SD card space (i.e. 30 minutes) available, so that meant editing in camera.

What I now know is that the LX3 isn't a sports camera. It has absolutely no telephoto capability what so ever. My usable video footage was mainly at take off and landing with extensive use of upward angles or angles over the edge of the cliff to fake height. That's Hollywood...it's all fake.

Video noise was still an issue even with a vast amount of daylight, but downsizing by half fixes that (
see previous post). Another issue is that Premier Pro sometimes locks up when I try to import the .mov quicktime files that the LX3 natively produces. The fix for this is to convert them using the Adobe Media Encoder into another file format before import. A pain, but it works.

After my disappointing attempt at using the blogger video upload I decided to move to
Exposure Room for handling online video. They let you view video in HD!...but in this case we are just talking about VGA widescreen because of the half resolution noise fix. I thought it would be fun to share a little of the lofty video from the gliderport, so this is by no means a serious effort; just a bit of fun. Click on the link below the video to view the video in a larger size.

As a side note...Jo, the woman about to go hang gliding is on a summer road trip with her friend (both from Boston). They started in Tijuana and are going up the coast to Vancouver B.C., with a stop for bungy jumping in Vancouver. I wonder what type of daring things they'll do in between...put on a republican bumper sticker in San Francisco?

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