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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

••◊ Andrene and Jared

I recently met Andrene at a local clothing store call TRE (acronym for "The Rare Earth"). Since I'm in constant search for models, stylists...etc now days I inquired if she knew any stylists. Turns out that she is one. Andrene also has a personal training business and organizes local fashion shows. Quite the entrepreneur.

I invited her to our local strobist get together in case she wanted to network and help out with the styling. Well, this last meeting was less than ideal conditions. It was sopped in near downtown San Diego and hunkered down for the long haul. We decided to just get together at her house and invite her friend Jared. Jared is a former professional baseball player for the Seattle Mariners and is a *diminutive* 6' 7" tall. Jared is currently retired and
runs a business coaching others. He also does runway modeling for Andrene when she organizes shows.

This gave me a chance to photograph two athletes, which is something I've wanted to do for a while. Obviously both of these individuals are fit people. The indoor settings fit Andrene to a "T", however not so much for Jared. Jared needs to have some type of sports action to get his look down. We started with some basic warm up shots on the workout mat. I knew I wanted a softer look for Andrene so I hit her with a poor man's beauty dish (umbrella overhead) and a flash sitting on the floor behind her. With Jared I wanted to give him a more "manly" harsh look so I lit him with bare flashes over each shoulder and a reflector to either side to catch the bare flashes for fill. Background was clearly improvised in post.

Then of course we moved on to fashion-type shots. Andrene has many wonderful photogenic spaces in her house, but given the time allotted we stuck to her "closet"/fashion warehouse. The main problem I had was reflections off the glass doors behind where they were sitting. This basically meant one of two things for me; ambient light or cropping. The umbrella definitely showed up in photos anytime I went wide with flash. I know, I know, gobo it. But I didn't have an appropriately sized gobo to adequately hide the umbrella.

That's OK because Andrene's closet has diffusers over each of the side windows (yes, side lighting built in!). It was a cloudy day, which also helped. With Jared I added in a little fill using the umbrellas overhead to the left and right.

This also gave me an opportunity to try a little more couples modeling. I recently went to Mark Delong's web site and saw a picture with the guy looking away and the woman looking into the camera. Since he was successful with it in a different setting I decided to give it a go. I think it worked. Lighting was just ambient.

Andrene is producing a fashion event this Friday and she asked me to photograph it, so we'll see what happens. I still not completely sure on what the event is all about, but...beautiful models and a great backdrop...couldn't say no.

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