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Thursday, April 16, 2009

••◊ Simple Beauty

Today we headed up to Skagit Valley, about two hours drive north of Seattle. In April Mount Vernon holds their annual tulip festival. Although the Tulips have about two weeks to go into full bloom, the daffodils and hyacithns were out and putting on their yearly show. Flower watching is more my mom's type of activity (pictured above). I'm typically a 'people' photographer, however this year I had my camera and thought it would make a good photo op. Besides, mom deserves a little time with her loser son who only visits twice a year. I had to guilt her into the picture by saying how unfair it would be to walk away without any memories of her from this trip. She caved. Hey, she's the one who taught me.

A few farms open their doors to visitors, for a fee of course, and allow you to visit their well groomed gardens. We visited the Roozengaarde farm garden. It's about two acres of various varieties of flowers. A few pictures are shown below.

Later I met my long lost friend Ashley at Starbucks in Mill Creek for coffee. She and I haven't seen each other in nearly 10 years. She's a mom now, but hasn't lost a bit of her bad girl. Her car, you may ask? A super charged BMW with an Eddie Bauer child's car seat in the back. Ashley was the one who taught me that red head's are a good thing. Yes, I realize she's blonde now, but everyone should be allowed to go a little 'Brittany' now and then. I probably won't see her for another 10 years after that comment, but I digress. It's funny, ten years ago we would have gone for drinks and a night on the town. Now? Coffee and grocery shopping (have pictures to prove it). Oh well, time progresses... her fiance is still a lucky guy.  Just to tie this into photography - I chose a table near the window so I would get a cross light.  After sitting down I noticed the window shade provided just enough subject separation.  Subject separation is always a bit of a crap-shoot.  Your eyes can deceive you into thinking that you have enough camera latitude to get good seperation, then reality strikes when you get home on a real monitor and find... oh crud.

Tomorrow begins the onslaught of the bodybuilding show in Bellevue. I have audio production duties, but I'll try to take a few photos backstage with a borrowed point-n-shoot. My DSLR isn't going anywhere near spray tans and body oil. That stuff gets everywhere.

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