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Saturday, April 4, 2009

••◊ Panoramic People

I was futzing around on the net and ran across an interesting project by the german photographer Simon Hoegsberg. We pretty much all know about panoramas. Some point and shoot cameras even have panorama assist modes. I tried it on my SLR with limited success (got bored and disinterested in doing them quickly).

Panoramas are beautiful when done correctly. Take for instance the panoramas done by Bjorn Holland during a multi-month motorcycle trip across multiple continents.

What makes Simon's project special is that he took a panorama of people walking across a bridge. The panorama took 20 days to complete and the print is 100m long! Panoramas aren't just for mountains and trees anymore. The project is called "We're All Gonna Die - 100 Meters of Existance" and can be found here. Note that only one person gave him a rude gesture and he decided to include it in the photo.

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