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Sunday, April 26, 2009

••◊ I'm too young to keep up with these old guys

Last night I attended a gallery showing for Robert Whitaker at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in La Jolla. Robert is perhaps best known as the Beatles staff photographer during the height of their careers in the 1960's. The exhibition this particular evening included both his work with the Beatles and his photojournalism tour through the Vietnam war. Which brings me to the most important part of this blog entry. Who did the Vietnam prints for the show? ...yours truly, of course (brushing my fingernails against my chest).

I consider myself a pretty fit individual. I exercise daily and eat right, but these duffers seem to give me a run for my money energy wise. The gallery is filled with pictures mostly from the 50's through the 60's, so as you can guess most of the photographers are past retirement age. I'm exhausted from last night, but these guys were running around until 10pm joking, drinking wine, and flirting with women. Take Paolo for example. This guy's got game. He was running around all night flirting with cute girls and displaying his mastery of John Travolta's signature Saturday Night Fever pose. I caught him upstairs entertaining four young women with his little Leica camera. All I could do is emulate the master. Note that they were hugging him closer.

Rich Horowitz is one of the owners of the Morrison Hotel Gallery. He hosted the event along with his staff (Gail, Chantel, Kris, and Meghan). During the evening Rich's cousin Deana stopped by and asked if I could get a picture of them together.

Henry Diltz, a gallery owner and well known music photographer, also stopped by for the evening. His print of the Crosby, Stills, and Nash album cover was featured in my February Susan G. Komen photographic fundraiser event. I'm very grateful for his donation because it was the cash cow of the event. Quite a few of Henry's pictures are in gallery and he's still out shooting live shows and documentary work. Here, he's posing for a picture with Lena (a.k.a "Mys Britt") on meetup.com.

...and finally, Chantel wouldn't let me get away without taking a picture of her looking all pretty in her little red dress. Chantel is a photographer who is a gluten for punishment only shoots film; no digital. She also wouldn't let me shoot with a proper lighting setup, insisting that I just bounce a flash (so don't blame me too much for the lighting). Knowing that I didn't want to miss a chance to photograph a pretty girl, I agreed to her terms and conditions. Rich, not being a photographer, busted out laughing while I was explaining to Chantel how to pose like a lady. After the ritualistic ridicule of the numb skull with the camera subsided (I'm used to it) we went back to business and fired off a few shots. If I had to do it again I might use a ring flash and hair light to emphasize her golden locks. I would probably also bounce a little light off the floor to get into her eye sockets.

Off to shoot model-types tomorrow.

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