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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

••◊ Downtown Seattle By Foot

Today I took off by foot to explore Seattle. The trek started at the Seattle Center, a park and events location that includes the trademark Seattle Space Needle and now the Experience Music Project. When I was in high school my friend's dad knew the manager of the Space Needle so we took a free ride up to the top - literally. Most people only get to go up to the observation deck. We went all the way up to the roof and walked around (no railings), then went up to the actual Needle. Not OSHA approved?...probably. Fun?...hells yeah! At the EMP I tried to take some photos, but the building is crammed up against Westlake Ave, two side streets, and the "Fun Forest" amusement park. I just didn't have a wide enough angle lens such that the shots weren't blocked by something. The EMP build is supposed to represent Jimi Hendrix's smashed guitar. You have to see it to understand it's beauty or understand it's wonderful ugliness - depending on your opinion.

It's early spring here and the flowers are in bloom. It's good to see all that rain going to good use. These flowers were in a garden at the base of the Space Needle.

Seattle-ites know this location. The Pink Elephant Car Wash has been operating as far back as I can remember. The sign reinforces the unique funkiness that Seattle embraces. Also in the area is the "toe truck" - a tow truck shaped like a foot with a big toe, and the sit-n-spin laudromat where people have been known to hold weddings and music shows.

After this it was about 10am so I decided to stop at at Ralphs Deli, a well established and nice grocery store downtown. A slice of banana bread and some clam chowder later I was refueled. Lauren, pictured here, was working behind the counter. I thought with the lighting and all the wonderfully colored items this would be a good picture opportunity. Besides, any redhead is a good picture taking opportunity in my opinion. Thanks Lauren.

After stopping in at a couple art galleries I met David at the (formerly) Washington Mutual building downtown and we headed for Lasermotive. I can't show you what exactly they are working on since this is a multi-million dollar competition, but it looks impressive so far. Lasermotive definitely embraces the garage sale shop mentality. There was a sign up in the shop declaring "I bought retail for the last 22 days," infering Jordan hasn't bought anything surplus or from online auctions for the last three weeks. Good for him. Although, knowing these guys - they are mostly supportive of his addiction.

Here's a picture of David hard at work on the power supply. We did a little testing on it, went for lunch, then my day was complete.

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