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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

••◊ Notes for Mr. Allen

This weekend I rented the Woody Allen movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a quirky look at love in all its forms. The problems with this movie are mainly with the inclusion of photography. You see, some of us out there understand photography and so the the script needs reflect reality at least to a first degree.

In the beginning of the movie Christina (Scarlett Johansson) is taking digital photos. After Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz) spies on Christina, via her luggage, she finds Christina's pictures. Now wait a minute. Who the heck gets digital prints while on vacation? Where is this magic photo printer that they left out of the story? Christina is in the Barcelona suburbs hanging out with painters who don't seem to own anything digital. Ummm...Mr. Allen...story hole. In the real world we wait until we get home to print photos, if ever.

Maria Elena sees Christina taking photos with a digital camera (somewhat of the form factor of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28K) and tells her, oh no...you must take you photos with a film camera. This alone screams of pretense. Does this mean she can only listen to music on vinyl and must get around in a Karmann Ghia convertible when visiting her philosophy/artist colony friends at the local pub (the later is actually part of the movie)? Good pictures are good pictures, toxic development chemicals or not. Of course, within a scene skip there is a dark room in the house and Christina owns a vintage Leica ($$$), but still holds the camera to take pictures like there is an LCD in the back. Hello!... Viewfinder! Live view on vintage Leicas means looking through that little glass hole in the back of the camera!

I guess the plus side is that they actually had some rather nice photos hanging in the "dark room," one of which I would like to try to recapture someday. Overall I would recommend this movie. It's a fun distraction. Having been to Barcelona (Barth-eh-low-nah), I found the inclusion of the familiar landmarks a rather pleasant return to adventurous memories.

So Mr. Allen if case you're ever slumming-it on my blog I'm available for consultation.

I need an assignment...bad.

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