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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

••◊ Results of Komen Fundraiser

I'm an engineer by training, so I have a natural impatience for drama. Cut to the chase...We raised a little over $2500 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation during the art auction mentioned in my previous posts. It was very well attended with Hennessey's being completely packed most of the night. Frankly I was a bit surprised at the number Sandy at the local Komen office gave me today. It seemed like the economy hit us pretty hard the night of the auction with few bids coming in for anything over $100 (Costs about $70-$90 just to print/matte/frame something large with an off the shelf frame).

Brooklyn did an excellent job supplying us with musicians. From 7pm onward we had a steady stream of live music from local folk artists. Below is a picture of Jeffrey Joe Morin.

...and finally, Kristen lived up to her promise and made it to the event. I have proof. Below is a picture of her, looking hot, and Jesse LaMonaca, one of the other folk musicians that evening.

Big thanks go out to Hennessey's, the Morrison Hotel Gallery, The San Diego Business Journal, and PRP Wine for providing support for this event. Even bigger thanks go out to all the artists that donated their work for this charity auction. It wouldn't have been possible without you.

I was too exhausted to take pictures that evening so the photo credits for this post go to Gail Donnelly.

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