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Sunday, February 1, 2009

••◊ KUSI TV interview for the Komen fundraiser

I used up 3 minutes and 42 seconds of my lifetime 15 minutes of fame today. Gail Donnelly and I were up bright and early this morning for a television inteview on KUSI TV about the upcoming photo auction benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation. Poor Gail was running late because her alarm was set to "quiet". She walked in all nervous before the interview saying to me, "you do all the talking." Gail survived, sans Depends. How this came about is that Kristin Cusato, one of the news anchors, heard about the event through Brooklyn's myspace and invited us to do the segment.

Now for the pictures...Gail poses with Kristin in front of some of the photo art pieces for the auction. Her photo of "Dancers at the Belly Up" is on the right.

Now what I don't understand is that Kristin said she didn't have a date for the event (not sure if it was this one or another) - on air! Of course there was an utterance of "I probably shouldn't have done that" after the station went to commercial. Come on guys... This drop dead gorgeous woman is clearly out of my league, but someone out there has to step up. It's nearly criminal to leave Kristen date-less on date night.

Gail grabbed a quick shot of me on set after the interview. My picture is on the left and the Morrison Hotel Gallery print is on the right behind me.
My living room is a complete mess at this point. Art is strewn everywhere, at least until Wednesday. Yesterday was spent printing, so that just created a bigger pile. I consider it my personal homage to Richard Dreyfuss' dirt mound from Close Encounters of the Third Kind - OK, maybe not that big. 11 minutes and17 seconds to go. More after Wednesday.


Rike said...
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Rike said...

Thanks a lot for letting me know :-) And nice to actually see the person behind 'a name' ;-)

I hope the auction will raise a lot of money, I keep my fingers crossed!

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