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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

••◊ Quick examples of photos for the upcoming Komen foundation auction

Well...the silent auction benefiting the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation is next Wednesday. Two months in the making so far. I'm really proud of how the members of the San Diego meetup.com photography group have come together to support this cause.

I decided to add a special touch to each of the pictures' display name cards this week. In order to outwardly personalize the art and the event each artist was asked if they wanted to add a special message to their work. Most chose to either add "In support of..." or "In loving memory of..." to their name card. The good news is that most people put the support statement on their card. The bad news is that some had to use the memory statement. So if you come to the auction be sure to take a second to read the name cards to see how each artist was effected by breast cancer.

I'm super busy putting together the event and two other upcoming projects, so I decided to do some quick and dirty photos of a few pieces that artists have dropped off at my house already. This is just a small sampling. We have over 50 pieces to auction and all types of photography. I purposely helped each artist sort through potential donations so we would have as wide a variety as possible - something for everyone to fall in love with.

Please forgive my easel arrangement (back of my couch) and the doofus in the glass reflections (me). ...also, yes the lighting stinks. I know. Without further due...here we go kids.

Two artful classic San Diego abstracts from Stephanie Slaton...

A few abstracts and nature scenes from Heidi Siegele Dirga...

A couple church scenes from Micheal Yang...

Holidays, Coronado Style from Andrew Wiener. I know you can't tell in the picture, but this is a canvas print.

A couple abstracts from Ann Sturley... The one on the left started as a giraffe and the picture on the right is a composite photo of an eucalyptus tree and an african drummer. Both are very beautiful in person.

A historical photo from Fred Marinello...or at least it looks old. The photo was actually taken in 2004.

The Point Loma lighthouse by Nick Nareshni...This would be a nice addition to any beach community home.
A mostly italian set by me. The guitar is a "paint by light" abstract. The rest were photos taken in Riomaggiore Italy last fall.

A couple flowers by German artist Frederike Bach. She actually found us via Brooklyn's myspace announcement and asked if she could donate. Since shipping takes so long she sent the photos via email and I had them printed/matted/framed in the US.

A couple more shots from Italy from me. The picture on the left is from the UCI world cycling championships in Varese. The picture on the right is graffiti under a train crossing a few blocks from the leaning tower of Pisa. Both at 18x24 - plenty big for most walls.

That's just a tiny sampling. I'll try to do a blog video of the actual event if I'm not getting pulled 10 ways during the auction. More to come.

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