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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Earlier this week CNN.com had an article about entrepreneurship that I found interesting. Some earlier articles had talked about developing your talent for some number of hours per day over 20 years, but this article mainly looked at the personality characteristics of successful people. For those who don't quite have one or more of the entrepreneurial characteristics here are the cliff notes.

  1. Stubborn
  2. Delusionally Optimistic
  3. Creative
  4. Fearless
  5. Flexible
  6. Focused
  7. Ignorant

The reason I found this information particularly pertinent is because of the current economic climate. In these times a lot of people who would just prefer to take the cushy "corporate cruise liner" job are out there looking for work when there isn't much. So they end up saying, "what the hey," and give startups or their own business a try. I did it after the dot-com crash seven years ago. Last night at a local filmmakers' meeting I noticed a few more people than normal were coming in and asking for work. Not to say that these people aren't talented individuals, but in the entrepreneurial industry of film and video those without the above characteristics are going to get weeded out fairly quickly. So does knowing how to use all fancy shortcuts in Final Cut Pro count? Maybe. Does having the right personality count? Definitely. Am I a complete embodiment of those characterists? Probably not, but I like to try and I appreciate the lessons of my shortcomings.

As an engineer by trade I have to add "sense of responsibility" to my personal list, otherwise the things I work on might set a house on fire or otherwise harm someone. In spirit I'm with the entrepreneurs and I would ponder a guess that many people, like me, with a day job and a outside passion for the arts are filling a void that is generated by a lack of use of one of the above characteristics. In my opinion, it's good to balance who you are with what you choose to do.

At least for me, this is a mental note taken.

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