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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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First I beg of you, I don't want to get lawyers involved. Please don't make me.

Illuma is a blog of my work and contains original content, except where credited elsewhere. In order to not get the aforementioned bulldog lawyers involved there are a few rules.

  • Content Ownership - Everything you see on Illuma is copyright Stuart Allman in the year that it was first published. In the case of third-party contributors, they retain the copyright and permission was cleared with those content owners.
  • Responsibility of Content Use - If you want to link to the articles, thank you for the complement. Feel free to quote brief abstracts of the original posts. Please limit any direct quotes to one or two paragraphs at the most. A prominent link to the original source and credit for the content (i.e. me) is required. If you wish to use any images/video/audio please contact me and get pre-approval.
  • Content Aggregation - Ever notice how aggregate sounds like aggravate? Wholesale cut-and-paste reproductions of entire posts are strictly prohibited and will taken very seriously as copyright infringement. Punitive damages, much less dealing with lawyers is painful. Please don't make me prove my statement the hard way.
  • Copyright Infrigement - I will consider anyone (or web site) caught stealing my content in extensive verbatim text or images/video/audio used without permission to be in violation of my copyright ownership. The web site host and ISP will quickly receive a complaint that copyrighted content is being stolen. It's a very easy thing to get a website or blog shut down (and the content deleted) by demonstrating to the ISP and/or host that one of their publishers is flagrantly infringing copyright. If they do not shut you down they are liable too.
  • Posting of Comments - Any liabelous or defamatory comments can and will likely be removed. This blog is a place to share information. Keep it clean and friendly.
  • Share, Learn, Laugh - The content on this blog is not free for the taking, but I offer it for free viewing to everyone right here at illuma.blogspot.com. Share, learn, laugh and hopefully be entertained for a minute or two.

    -Stuart Allman

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